Why backlinks and how to get them?

Today I will discuss with you about the most important topic of off-page optimization of search engine optimization "backlinks". Tutorial.

What are backlinks?

The real meaning of backlinks is to get some links for your site from a site. Suppose you have a web site and you put the link of that site on another site. Then you get a backlink for your site from the site where you have your website. Gave the link.

Suppose if your site is A and the site you link to is B, then you get a backlink from B site. In this way you get as many backlinks as you link to your site. And search engine optimization. This is considered to be the most important issue.

That is, we can say in one word, "Incoming links from other sites to our own site are called backlinks."

Why do these backlinks?

When I think of backlinks, I think of the great leaders of our country, are you surprised, listening to me? When I talk about the need for backlinks, I always ask everyone to compare with these leaders. Now tell me how?

Manpower is one of the biggest forces. Suppose you have a lot of money but you don't get any people to work for you. Is there any value for money? No, not at all. In the same way, he is an influential leader but he alone has no value. You will see that he always wants to have a lot of Sang and Pang (a lot of manpower). He will be able to exert more influence. Or when he goes to do something, if everyone votes or agrees with him, then his work and acceptance will also increase a lot. Therefore, he will become a power full man.

The same goes for backlinks to search engines. There is no substitute for increasing the backlinks to increase the importance and acceptability of a site. One backlink is a lot of votes for you. To put an ineligible candidate in an important position. For this, search engines give more importance to backlinks for their first page.

Again, you think that there are 100 people behind a person. 80 of them are blind, dumb, lame, etc. So what does it stand for? Is it ever possible to do the work of 100 people with those people? Never. Because if there are 100 people and their strength and power will be equal to 20 fulfilling people. Besides, no company will ever appoint such incompetent person in any big position.

Search engines are no exception. You have about 100 backlinks. But if the pages from which you get backlinks are of no importance to the search engines, then with those 100 backlinks, you have no profit. They will be equal to 20 good backlinks. It turns out that your 1 PR 5-9 backlink is almost equal to 100 backlinks with zero PageRank.

So never waste time unnecessarily to increase worthless backlinks. Give time to get backlinks from which you will get a definite benefit. Even after a little more time or effort you will always try.

I hope you can easily understand how important backlinks are to you. So always try to increase backlinks evenly with on page optimization. Give 20 to 30 minutes or more with daily routine only to increase backlinks. You share the time. Work with onpage optimization and offpage optimization. Success must come in your hands.

Now how do you get backlinks?

There is nothing that is not available from the internet except just touching with your hand. So you will find your backlinks from the internet. Let's see how you can get backlinks for your own website.

1. Through article writing 2. Through blogging 3. Through

commenting on another

person's blog 4. Through

forum post 5. By

commenting on forum 6. Through

press release.

7. By submitting web site to directory 8. By

exchanging link

9. By providing ad on web site 10. By purchasing

backlink. (Paid backlinks) etc.

What you have in the next episode:

In the next episode, how to get accurate and good page rank rich backlinks through these will be explained one by one. Also, there are tips on how to create backlinks from .org .edu and .gov web site through Google. Until then, all of you stay well. And never forget to let us know what today's tutorial looked like. Thank you all.



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