How do you get backlinks from forum sites?

In the last episode I told you what backlinks are, why and what are the requirements etc. Today I will discuss in detail today how to get backlinks from forum sites through on page optimization.

How to get useful backlinks on forum site gul:

Forman Sai is very useful for getting backlinks to your site. In a word, forum sites are great for dofollow backlinks. And you can get backlinks of your site through posts, signatures and comments. I hope those who visit Tukitaki forum site will know these things very well. And the most important thing for backlinks is Dofollow backlink. It is always in build up condition for forum site. And here is the big advantage. Because no follow link for backlink. Does not carry any value.

Let's see how to create backlinks for forums:

Registration: Register first in the forum where you want to create backlinks to your site. For example, I will show you using www.forums.webconfs.com . First enter the forum and click on the Register button. Now you agree to the forum rules Register Click on. Now complete the profile with all the information. Now perform all your work through email verification.

Set the profile:

After registration you will have to set up your profile. Always remember that you can never use the forum for spamming. Always comment and post according to the topic. Try that, any topic. To discuss. Anyway, go to the profile and see that there is an option of Home Page URL. There you can use the link of your site.

Set the signature:

This is your biggest job for backlinks. For this you go to Edit Signature from your control panel. Now from there you choose a keyword for your site. Like I used keyword for my site SEO-Tutorial. You have never been here. Don't just use the site link. Because if you use keywords like mine, it will be used more as the backlink's encore text. I think this encore text will be very important for backlinks and search engines. Click on the shown part and add it as a link to your site in the hyperlink. Now click on Save Change and exit. This time whenever you post or comment on that forum, you will see the link of your site there. You have one or more according to all the rules of forum You can use the link.

Always post and comment:

In order to get backlinks, you have to constantly comment and post in the forums. At first you can start with comments. Be careful to comment.

1. Never write anything irrelevant in the comments. Because the admins of the forums are always active about spamming.

2. You can read the post well before making a good comment. This will be a special benefit for you to comment.

3. Never try to give any kind of link in the comment.

In order to save time, you can comment on Thanks For Your Great Post or Very Good information, Thanks Author, etc. You will know.

Links to some high page rank forum sites: 

Below I have given you a list of some high (PR1 and PR7) page rank forums. For now, keep trying to figure out how to set up a foreman site for backlinks with these forums.

1. V7n-Forum

2. Blogger-Forum

3. Submit express-Forum

4. Harmony Central-forum

5. Joomla-Forum

6. Search engine watch-forum

7. CNET-Forum

8. Mysql-Forum

9. Digital point-forum

10. Affiliate Marketing Forum

11. Blogger Talk-forum

12. Site Point-Forum

13. Warrior-forum

14. Adult webmaster Info-forum

15 Blogger-Forum

16. Business Forum

17. Capital-Forum

18. Deviantart

19. DD-Forum

20 Domain Name-Forum

21. File Sharing-Forum

22. Free Advertising-Forum

23. Geek Village-Forum

24. HTML-Forum

25 MyGame Builder-Forum

26. PhpBB-Forum

27. Search Engine-Forum

28. Search Engine-Roundtable

29 SEO Forum-Australia

30 SEO-Forum

31. Siteowners-Forum

32. Webhosting-Forum

33. Directory junction-Forum



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